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As part of my guide to navigating the queer Web 1.0, I thought it'd be helpful to define some of the terms you'll probably find! Hopefully this is interesting just to read through, but you can also Ctrl+F or skip to the section you want!

This dictionary assumes you have a basic understanding of modern queer terminology (such as trans, gay, cis, intersex, bi, etc.). An introductory dictionary to modern vocabulary it on its way too, though!

Terms will be defined primarily as they were used in Web 1.0, and might not align with their popular modern usage.

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GLOW: Gay Lesbian Or Whatever, a proposed term for the queer community similar to LGBT

Black, Latine, & AmerIndian/Ballroom

Stud: A Black or Brown butch dyke, especially one that is young or very handsome


Gender/Sex (Physical)/Drag/Trans* Spectrum

Biological: One's sex at birth, typically used in the queer Web 1.0 to refer to cisgender people

Born Female/Born Male: AFAB and AMAB, respectively

CD: Crossdresser, someone who dresses in the attire of the "opposite" sex. Most commonly used by/to refer to male crossdressers

DRAB: "DRessed As Boy," wearing what is typically considered male attire (usually in drag, crossdressing, and transvestism)

Genetic: Cisgender, not trangender or transsexual--most commonly used by MTFs

Hermaphrodite: Someone with a combination of 'male' and 'female' genitals, a penis and breasts, or simply a combination of masculine and feminine sex characteristics without medical intervention; often refers to pre- and non-op MTF transsexuals

No-Op or Non-Op: Non-operative, a trans person who has not undergone SRS and does not intend to

PO or Post-Op: Post-operative, a trans person who has undergone SRS

Pre-Op: Post-operative, a trans person who hasn't undergone SRS, typically referring to one who intends to

SRS: Sex reassignment surgery, a surgery in which a person's genitals are altered or removed to appear more like their desired sex. Typically called gender confirmation surgery today, though gender confirmation surgeries include a broad spectrum of procedures

TG: Transgender, usually used to refer to a pre-op or non-op trans person

Trannyboy: An informal way to refer to a young trans man, usually used by other trans men

TS: Transsexual, usually a trans person on hormones, whose undergone transition surgery, and/or who intends to medically and permanently transition to the "opposite" sex

TV: Transvestite, someone who dresses in the attire of the "opposite" sex without an interest in transitioning. Sometimes used as a synonym for crossdresser, though transvestites typically had their gender-bending identity extend beyond their clothing, ie by changing their pronouns

Woman-Born-Woman: Cisgender woman


High Femme: A femme who prefers not to stimulate their partner sexually and/or who derives pleasure from receiving unreciprocated sexual acts, especially in the case of femme dykes; will often prefer stone partners. "High" is very rarely used as a modifier for other identities, ie "high butch"

Skoliosexual: Attraction to nonbinary people, sometimes also including genderqueer and trans* individuals

Stone: Someone who prefers not to be touched sexually and typically does not allow partners to stimulate their genetalia during sex, and/or someone who derives pleasure from performing unreciprocated sexual acts on a partner, especially in the case of butch dykes; will often prefer high femme partners







BDSM: A combination of B&D (Bondage and Discipline), D&S (Dominance and Submission), and S&M (Sadism and Masochism); the acronym refers to a community and umbrella of sexual practives involving said concepts.