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Queer sex ed is deeply lacking. Even where it exists, it's not very accessible to people who neeed it. My hope is to help break that ice a bit here!

This will be broken into type of resource and then nature of resource--jump to what applies!

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MSM (Men who have Sex with Men)

WSW (Women who have Sex with Women)

Transgender/Transsexual People (General)

Transgender/Transsexual Women, MTFs, MTXs, and Transfems

Transgender/Transsexual Men, FTMS, FTXs, and Transmascs

Intersex People & Bodies

PW Penises, Testes, and/or Prostates

PW Vulvas, Breasts, Cervixes, Uteruses, and/or Ovaries

High-Testosterone Bodies and Puberties

High-Estrogen & Low-Testosterone Bodies and Puberties