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Hi! I'm AJ.

I'm a stone butch dyke, sapphist gentleman, a transsexual lesbian, and a he-she/she-he. My pronouns are zie/hir, zie/him, and zie/he//hir/him, but he/him is okay--ultimately, it's the effort that matters, not the pronoun.

I am [a]
adorant, anarchist, androdyke, autistic, boydyke, butch dyke, caring, communist, crossdresser, dude, dyke, dykefag, extrovert, freak, friendly, gender deviant, gentleman, grrlboy, guydyke, he-she, huggy, human, in transition, leftist, lesbo, loyal, male impersonator, open & out, pro-choice, queer, queer liberationist, romantic, sapphist, sex positive, stone butch, TG butch, trannychaser, transsexual, transvestite, tribade, trustworthy
What about you?

I am not and never have been a woman (or "womxn/womyn/etc."). I'm not WLW, and I am not a "non-man." I prefer "butch," "transsexual," and "dyke" to any and all gendered terms, but masculine terms are nearly always most accurate. As said on the home page, if that doesn't make sense to you or you think it's trans/lesbo/etc. -phobic, read Stone Butch Blues and don't bother me. I'm not here to be told that my transsexual lesbianism is anti-trans/lesbian by people who wouldn't know a dogwhistle if it hit them on the head.

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How to Use My Pronouns


zie is a butch dyke. To hir, a large part of that is expressed through hir pronouns. This website is hirs, and zie made it mostly by hirself!


zie is a butch dyke. To him, a large part of that is expressed through his pronouns. This website is his, and zie made it mostly by himself!

zie/he // hir/him // hir/his // hirs/his // hirself/himself

zie/he is a butch dyke. To hir/him, a large part of that is expressed through hir/his pronouns. This website is hirs/his, and zie/he made it mostly by hirself/himself!