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Howdy! I'm AJ, a stone butch dyke who loves queer history, and especially the queer web 1.0! This site's mostly for me to archive stuff. 'specially graphics, from the old queer web that I love. My pronouns are zie/hir and zie/him, but I'll accept he/him, too.

As well as being a stone butch dyke, I'm a gentleman lesbian/sapphist, transsexual, and she-he. I tend to stick to older queer terminology (you can read about why in "About AJ") and I'm not interested in reclamation/label/etc. discourse from people who've never read Stone Butch Blues or been to a pride march that didn't work with cops. Please mind your own buisiness and don't bother me with it--and also, read Stone Butch Blues, here's a free PDF (made free & online by Feinberg her/hir-self).


  • November 25 2023: Howdy, been almost a year! I've had a lot goin' on, but I'm back workin' on my archives and the like :)
  • December 14 2022: Site launched, CSS & base HTML completed! Pages completed include Home, Sitemap, Webrings, About AJ, & 8 Questions

To-Do List

  1. Create all pages in the navbar
  2. Fill out the sitemap
  3. Set up Queer Archives
  4. Write "About AJ"
  5. Butch/dyke webring??
  6. Fill out that FAQ!

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